Frustration and Persistent

We all have moments in our lives where we’re frustrated and wondering why am I even doing this. Am I ever going to move up? Am I stuck here? The truth is…we all have to start somewhere. We don’t live in a magical land where everything is perfect and goes according to plan. Even in the fairy tales or Disney movies. All the characters had to go through some sort of obstacle before they reach their happy ending. Even when we reach our happy ending…we still have difficult moments in our lives. It’s the matter of how we handle things and if we’re determine to keep going and keep fighting for what we want. Things don’t come easy and things are not handed to us.

My parents are actually from Vietnam. They came to America without knowing any English and had to start from scratch. I don’t know how we ended up up north, but my dad’s first job was at a pizza place in Chicago. He went to work and my uncle taught him the word “no.” He thought saying “no” would keep him away from trouble. Well, one day his boss asked him if he liked his job and he said no because he didn’t know what his boss had asked him. Well, his boss let him go because my dad answered no not knowing what he was answering to. My dad was devastated cause he was trying to provide for my mother and I was an infant at the time. It was very frustrating for my dad as well. He’s working hard, but the communication barrier cost him his job. Then we moved to Michigan and my dad got a construction job. It was physically demanding and it was hard. He struggled, but he never stopped. He kept going until we got our first house. Then we got a brand new house when I was around 12.

As you can see here in this short little story. My dad had to work hard. His persistent rewarded him with a home and a family. Now he speaks English and is doing well. Not a moment did he stop. He kept pushing forward to take care of his family.

Just know, no matter how frustrated you are and no matter how much you want to give up…Keep going because it’ll be worth all the hard work.