Health Insurance & Medical Bills

Health insurance is supposed to help with medical needs. Well, it doesn’t seem like it to me. I’m sure many of you understand where I’m coming from.

I took my son to his 2 year old wellness checkup. They had to do blood work to test his lead level and to check his allergies. Well, weeks later I see on my insurance claims saying I owed about $300 in doctor fees. I read the claim and it was billed for 7 different services. Seven services??? What the heck?!

Well visits are supposedly covered at 100%, but I guess this was not the case. I was billed for the office visit. Then I was bill for the nurse who drew the blood. I was billed for the lab work separately for the lead and allergy testing. His preventative shots were on there as well. The only thing the insurance covered was the preventative shots. I’m like wow. Why even bother having health insurance? What’s the point of having health insurance, if I’m paying all this medical fees out of pocket on top of paying my monthly insurance premiums?

I’m learning my current health insurance plan totally stinks. I’m paying more money to have it and also pay for pretty much all medical services until I’ve met my deductible. Once I meet my deductible, then the insurance will pay 90 and I pay 10. Once I meet the maximum out of pocket then the insurance will pay at 100%. Who spends $6,8000 in medical needs per year??? Honestly, that’s outrageous. I thought I was saving money because it was through my employer. They paid some of the premiums and I paid some of the premiums. I’m really starting to do think that it’s all about making money.

Have anyone heard of Medi-Share? I heard on the Christian radio that it’s a group of Christians coming together to share medical cost. I don’t know much about it, but I’m thinking I might look into it. I’ll let you guys know more once I find out the info and I will provide the info in the resource section.


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