Meal Prepping

Life gets busy and we find ourselves stressed during the week. Each work day, we get off of work, pick up the kids, come home to make dinner, and get the kids to bed. It’s a lot of work. Sometimes we find ourselves not getting quality time with each other. It can be very challenging.

My family and I decided to start meal prepping for the week. Yes, it is a lot of work for one day, but it frees up at least an hour each day of the week. We get more time together and we are eating healthier. We hardly eat out and it’s a great way to save money too.

If you are concern about food going bad, you can always freeze it. I froze half of the breakfast items so it can last us awhile. Dinner wise, we make extra so that we can have leftovers for lunch. I find it very beneficial to meal prep.

There are plenty of recipes online and you pick out the ones you want to make. Write down all the ingredients you need and pick them up at the store. Oh, if you have never use the Kroger pick up, it’s very time saving. They pick out all the items you need and deliver it to your car. All you need is a card to swipe and you’re all set.

I’m all about time management and making things simpler for my family. Life goes way too fast and if I can slow it down, I will. I like having more time for my family and reduced stress.


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