The Day I Almost Lost My Leg

Now you’ve heard how I almost didn’t come into this world. Growing up was not easy. My mother reminded me of this story of how God gave me arms and legs and that if I ever did anything bad. He can easily take them away. I was just a kid and trying to comprehend what my mother was telling me. I was not scared about what my mother was saying until the day I almost lost my leg.

My mother, baby brother, and I decided to go grocery shopping on this day. My family was quit poor when I was younger. We only had one vehicle and my father was at work. My mother put my baby brother in the stroller and we decided to walk to the grocery store. It was probably about a 5 mile walk one way.

I was 5 years old at the time. My mother kept yelling at me to stay close while I was skipping along the sidewalk. She had to push my brother in the stroller and couldn’t hang onto me at the same time. We finally make it to the crosswalk where the grocery store was on the other side.

When I saw the walking person light up, I skipped along the crosswalk to get to the other side. Before I make it all the way across, I heard my mother yell “Vi!!!!!” I quickly turned around and ran back to her.

Next thing I remember, I wake up seeing this huge tire above me. Then, I instantly felt this excruciating pain on my left leg. I couldn’t help, but to cry. I heard the sirens going off and the sound got closer and closer to me.

Soon, I felt hands picking me up and putting me on the gurney to load me into the ambulance. I remember my mother being by my side and telling me to stop crying. I’m lying there thinking I am in so much pain, how can I stop crying. I tried hard to calm down to show my mother I was strong, but then the paramedics stuck the IV needle in me and I started crying some more. They also drew some blood. Probably to check my blood type in case I needed a blood transfusion.

I finally make it to the hospital and pretty sure they gave me a bunch of pain meds. My mother was by my bedside while the nurses were cutting my clothes to put me in the hospital gown. They were very nice and they were trying to help distract me from not looking down at my leg.

I was told I had a broken left leg and surgery needed to be done. The surgeon had already been paged to arrive to the hospital to complete an emergency surgery on me. However, something kept him and he was delayed. The nurse told my mother if he doesn’t arrive soon, that they would have to amputate my left leg due to the swelling and the blood being trapped with nowhere to go.

My mother panic and started praying. She told me to pray as well. My mother reminded me God gave me my legs and I needed to pray that I can keep my leg. I was scared to lose my leg. I was only 5 years old. I had a difficult time understanding why they would have to amputate my leg if the surgeon didn’t make it in time.

Luckily the surgeon did make it to the hospital in time to perform the surgery on me. The nurses prepped me up and took me to the OR. I remember them trying to put the mask on my face, but I could not stand the smell. It was making me nauseous. The nurse said she I needed to breathe in the gas to help me sleep. She said she would hold it above my face instead of putting on my face. They asked me to count and eventually I passed out.

I wake up to something in my mouth and I started panicking. I remember my mother telling me to breathe. I was so confused why there was something in my mouth and I needed to breathe. She kept saying, I need you to breathe so we know you’re going to be okay. Then I realized, I did have trouble breathing, but I did what my mother asked. I used every bit of strength left to do what my mother needed me to do.

The next thing I noticed was my left leg was in a cast hanging up. The doctor informed my mother that I had broken 2 bones on my left leg and he had to perform surgery and had to cut into both sides of my leg. He explained there will be scarring and I would be in the hospital for a little while before I could go home.

I finally hear the story of what happened and how I ended up with a broken left leg. As I was crossing the crosswalk, my mother said a UPS truck was coming towards me so she yelled at me to come back. We don’t remember if he ran a red light, but I’m assuming that’s what happened. She said she watched me get hit by the UPS truck and my body flew across the road. She thought I had died at the very moment. Mother said she prayed and she would give me up to the Lord if I indeed had died.

I survived this accident. My mother reminds me that God saved my life twice. He was there when I was born and He saved me again when I was in that accident. This is just the beginning; more stories to tell about my near death experiences.


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