Lost or Stuck

Ever feel lost or stuck or not sure what to do with your life. You’re in a career for x amount of years and realize is this what I want to do with the rest of my life. Maybe feel like some goals or dreams haven’t been accomplished because certain obstacles got in the way.

Yeah, it sucks feeling lost and unsure of the purpose in life. This is also an opportunity to discover myself to figure out what brings joy to my life. This is a great way to discover and explore who I want to be. Find what I’m passionate about.

I think it’s ok to feel lost sometimes, but it’s a matter of doing something about it instead of sitting here feeling like there’s nothing I can do. There is always a choice and I can always change my life for the better or for the worse. It can go both ways.

I look at failing moments as lessons for me to learn and to grow from it. I also see failing moments as one step closer to the goal I’m trying to reach. It’s better to try than not try at all.

I’ll be honest. I do feel lost right now. I got my masters and still unsure what I want to do with my life. I still don’t know where I want to live where it feels like home. I’m still looking for a church home where I feel like I’m not being judged. There are a lot of things I’m still trying to figure out.

I know I will figure these things out. It may take me some time, but I can’t ever give up. Giving up is the worse failure there is because to me, giving up is the end. This is not the end. There is more and I know I will reach my potential as I spend some time to figure out what it is I need and want.


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