Trying Total Money Makeover

Yesterday, I went to the library to pick up some books for my daughter. She’s been reading a lot and really enjoys it. Anyhoo, I was browsing for myself and came across Dave Ramsey’s book called “The Total Money Makeover.” I thought to myself, what the heck. I’ll try it.

As I’m reading this book, there are a lot of things I’m already implementing. The thing I need to work on the most right now is the Debt Snowball. I need to start paying off all my debt especially my student loans. It’s outrageous. I got myself into a deep hole with that one trying to get my degrees.

I’ve already created a budget for next month. Figuring out how I can make extra payments on my smallest debt and slowly work my way to rest. I feel pretty confident I can do this. This is something I’ve wanted to do anyways. Debt is so normal nowadays. Hey I’m in debt, you’re in debt, and everybody is in debt. However, it’s a choice. Dave Ramsey tells you what you don’t want to hear. People want what they want now instead of later. I think that takes a lot of self-control to say no, now is not the time for that.

I think it would be wonderful to live debt free. I guess I will let you guys know how it goes. I’m starting it today. If you guys get a chance, seriously check out Dave Ramsey’s books.



  1. Kyle · April 1, 2017

    Good luck on your debt snowball! There are SO MANY other people out there doing it right along with you, so don’t be afraid to reach out for support if you need it!


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