What I see now and what I’ve seen then.

I need to vent and let out some frustration. What happened to this world or I mean this current time? I see every day people cutting people off on the road, parents picking up their kids and blocking the driveway so the person behind them is stuck, people don’t even know their neighbors, people feel entitled to things, people throwing other people under the bus so they can get ahead, people in a rush, too busy to contact the people they care about, but have all the time in the world to post on FaceBook, etc.

I remember growing up where everyone was kind to one other. People were courteous and genuine. People were always trying to help each other. People actually knew their neighbors back then.

I remember the first home we owned. The neighbor on the right of us always brought home meat they hunted to share with us. The neighbor in front of us would give us eggs from their chickens. The neighbor left of us gave would give us fish. We would share our vegetables we grew from our garden with our neighbors. The neighborhood kids would play together until dark. Parents didn’t worry about the dangers they worry now. It was so natural back then to give and help.

I don’t understand how the world has come to be. People climbing the ladder and the dog eat dog world. I’m not saying the world has gone all bad. There are still good in it. There are still good people, but I see too much of I’m too busy for you. Honestly, if it’s important than time could be made for it. Remember how a smile could make a difference in people’s lives or that saying stop and smell the roses.

I feel like the world needs to slow down. The world is moving so fast, that they are missing out on the little things that matter; little things that can make a huge impact. We still have good in this world and good deeds are being done, but at the same time I see so much negativity. We see more mental health issues or more crimes or more health issues. There are more and more problems and people wonder why.

It seems like it’s become “me me me,” instead of how I can help this person. There’s also a saying about bless are those who bless others. The more you give the more you are blessed. Most of you know that I’m in the helping field so naturally that’s what I want to do.  Ok, I’m done ranting. Just my thoughts.


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