All abilities playground 

I went to this meeting today and listened to a guest speaker who shared that our county was going to build an all abilities playground. This means this playground is for anyone. 

Let me share this story she told us. She said she asked about all the playgrounds and was informed all playgrounds are 20% accessible for kids with special needs. What if you were told when you went to the grocery store that only 20% was accessible to you because it was to high to reach or too low to bend over and you could only get what you could reach. 

After hearing that story it makes a lot of sense. All kids should have the opportunity to play on a playground that is accessible to them. The goal here is to improve quality of life. Kids love to play. They shouldn’t be limited because they have a wheelchair or a grandmother with a walker that wants to take her grandchild to play. This playground is for families to play together. 

I think there should be more playgrounds like this one. I am very passionate about helping others and it’s great joy when you’re able to see a smile or hear a laugh. Knowing you made a difference.