All abilities playground 

I went to this meeting today and listened to a guest speaker who shared that our county was going to build an all abilities playground. This means this playground is for anyone. 

Let me share this story she told us. She said she asked about all the playgrounds and was informed all playgrounds are 20% accessible for kids with special needs. What if you were told when you went to the grocery store that only 20% was accessible to you because it was to high to reach or too low to bend over and you could only get what you could reach. 

After hearing that story it makes a lot of sense. All kids should have the opportunity to play on a playground that is accessible to them. The goal here is to improve quality of life. Kids love to play. They shouldn’t be limited because they have a wheelchair or a grandmother with a walker that wants to take her grandchild to play. This playground is for families to play together. 

I think there should be more playgrounds like this one. I am very passionate about helping others and it’s great joy when you’re able to see a smile or hear a laugh. Knowing you made a difference. 


Started out rough but day got better

So we have one of those days and you’re hit first thing in the morning where it brings you down. You feel down and out wondering why do I even try when all I’m going to get is a beating. 

As the day goes on, things get better. The weather is beautiful outside. You’re off work and you sit outside watching the beauty God created. 

Sometimes the smallest thing can turn your day around. 

Taking a moment to enjoy the goodness. Smile 😊

Love Carbonaro Effect

Ok, so who have seen the Carbonaro effect? It’s a hidden camera magic tv show. This show seriously cracks me up. If you need a good laugh or something to lift your spirit, I suggest watching this show. One I love magic and two he’s funny. Third, I love the reactions from the people on his show.

Oh apparently he goes on live tours. Too bad I missed the one for Dallas. Definitely going to keep my eye out for his next tour dates. Seriously, go check his show out. It’s on TruTV. I don’t have cable anymore, but TruTV has scenes from his show on Youtube. So either way, you will be able to watch it.

What I see now and what I’ve seen then.

I need to vent and let out some frustration. What happened to this world or I mean this current time? I see every day people cutting people off on the road, parents picking up their kids and blocking the driveway so the person behind them is stuck, people don’t even know their neighbors, people feel entitled to things, people throwing other people under the bus so they can get ahead, people in a rush, too busy to contact the people they care about, but have all the time in the world to post on FaceBook, etc.

I remember growing up where everyone was kind to one other. People were courteous and genuine. People were always trying to help each other. People actually knew their neighbors back then.

I remember the first home we owned. The neighbor on the right of us always brought home meat they hunted to share with us. The neighbor in front of us would give us eggs from their chickens. The neighbor left of us gave would give us fish. We would share our vegetables we grew from our garden with our neighbors. The neighborhood kids would play together until dark. Parents didn’t worry about the dangers they worry now. It was so natural back then to give and help.

I don’t understand how the world has come to be. People climbing the ladder and the dog eat dog world. I’m not saying the world has gone all bad. There are still good in it. There are still good people, but I see too much of I’m too busy for you. Honestly, if it’s important than time could be made for it. Remember how a smile could make a difference in people’s lives or that saying stop and smell the roses.

I feel like the world needs to slow down. The world is moving so fast, that they are missing out on the little things that matter; little things that can make a huge impact. We still have good in this world and good deeds are being done, but at the same time I see so much negativity. We see more mental health issues or more crimes or more health issues. There are more and more problems and people wonder why.

It seems like it’s become “me me me,” instead of how I can help this person. There’s also a saying about bless are those who bless others. The more you give the more you are blessed. Most of you know that I’m in the helping field so naturally that’s what I want to do.  Ok, I’m done ranting. Just my thoughts.


Changes are bound to happen. Some changes are good and some may not be good. These changes can be challenging and puts us under a lot of stress. Right now, I am so overwhelmed. I’ll be honest. I do not like change. I do not handle change well, especially when the change is affecting me in a negative way.

It sucks right now. I feel stuck and I have to accept these changes because I don’t have any other choice. It sucks even more when I’ve tried to advocate myself and I get shut down. Yes, I can’t do anything about the current change. However, I do have a choice to do something different. I have a choice to make other changes in my life that will impact my life in a positive manner.

Yes, my current circumstance may not be ideal, but I can change that. Maybe not immediately, but I can make changes one step at a time. I think it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and frustrated, but it’s the matter of my actions to bring in positivity in my life. I want to stay positive and keep pushing forward. I know I can do this even if I don’t feel like I can right now. I am fully capable of doing anything if I believe in myself.

Trying Total Money Makeover

Yesterday, I went to the library to pick up some books for my daughter. She’s been reading a lot and really enjoys it. Anyhoo, I was browsing for myself and came across Dave Ramsey’s book called “The Total Money Makeover.” I thought to myself, what the heck. I’ll try it.

As I’m reading this book, there are a lot of things I’m already implementing. The thing I need to work on the most right now is the Debt Snowball. I need to start paying off all my debt especially my student loans. It’s outrageous. I got myself into a deep hole with that one trying to get my degrees.

I’ve already created a budget for next month. Figuring out how I can make extra payments on my smallest debt and slowly work my way to rest. I feel pretty confident I can do this. This is something I’ve wanted to do anyways. Debt is so normal nowadays. Hey I’m in debt, you’re in debt, and everybody is in debt. However, it’s a choice. Dave Ramsey tells you what you don’t want to hear. People want what they want now instead of later. I think that takes a lot of self-control to say no, now is not the time for that.

I think it would be wonderful to live debt free. I guess I will let you guys know how it goes. I’m starting it today. If you guys get a chance, seriously check out Dave Ramsey’s books.

Lost or Stuck

Ever feel lost or stuck or not sure what to do with your life. You’re in a career for x amount of years and realize is this what I want to do with the rest of my life. Maybe feel like some goals or dreams haven’t been accomplished because certain obstacles got in the way.

Yeah, it sucks feeling lost and unsure of the purpose in life. This is also an opportunity to discover myself to figure out what brings joy to my life. This is a great way to discover and explore who I want to be. Find what I’m passionate about.

I think it’s ok to feel lost sometimes, but it’s a matter of doing something about it instead of sitting here feeling like there’s nothing I can do. There is always a choice and I can always change my life for the better or for the worse. It can go both ways.

I look at failing moments as lessons for me to learn and to grow from it. I also see failing moments as one step closer to the goal I’m trying to reach. It’s better to try than not try at all.

I’ll be honest. I do feel lost right now. I got my masters and still unsure what I want to do with my life. I still don’t know where I want to live where it feels like home. I’m still looking for a church home where I feel like I’m not being judged. There are a lot of things I’m still trying to figure out.

I know I will figure these things out. It may take me some time, but I can’t ever give up. Giving up is the worse failure there is because to me, giving up is the end. This is not the end. There is more and I know I will reach my potential as I spend some time to figure out what it is I need and want.

Sick but need to keep pushing through. 

We all had those days. Being sick and needing to push through to care for the kids. It’s been like that for me. I’m tired and my throat hurts. Get them ready each morning for school. Take them to school. Work. Then pick them up and make them dinner. Took the kiddos out for a walk. After that sat outside with them as they play with bubbles. After all of that. Get them ready for bed. Read books for the youngest before bedtime. The older one is self sufficient and does what she needs. As I try to lay my youngest down. He decides to throw a fit. I’m way passed exhausted, but I keep pushing through as I hope he falls asleep soon. Parenting is not easy especially when ill, but somehow we manage it through.

My First Day of Kindergarten

Some of you may not know this, but English is my second language. My parents are Vietnamese and they didn’t speak English so I didn’t learn it. From age 0 to 4, I only spoke Vietnamese. I did not learn English until I went to kindergarten. Let’s just say that was a scary day for me.

I remember this day well. I took the bus to school and was dropped off. I was so nervous walking into the building. I was so lost; I didn’t know where my class was located. I wandered around the whole building. I had many teachers come up offering help. The problem was I couldn’t communicate back with them. I had no idea what they were saying to me.

I remember being so scared and frustrated that they could not understand me. I was able to tell them my name and they were able to get me to the correct class. I remember seeing my classmates and I felt so out of place. I felt like I didn’t belong. All I wanted was to go home. I didn’t want to come back to school.

Ahh, so most are probably waiting for a happy ending to this story. Well, this was my first day of kindergarten and it was not a happy ending. However, the story does continue as I attend each day of kindergarten. More to tell later 🙂


Saw this quote this morning as I was going through and reading inspirational quotes to start my day. My choice is to face it because it will only make me a better person and I will grow from it.